Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Are you there? Who's there?

Started adding basic inter-plugin messaging support. 
Gizmo can now react to messages from other .xpl plugins. 
They can: 
  • Inject lua script as C-strings. 
  • Inject Lua blobs. (well, almost)
  • Send arbitrary commands in to a scripted function handler.
That last one is not real useful at the moment because the data comes across as two numbers.
I need to add another hook so we can just pass string messages into script handlers. Much more useful, easy to use.
The source code is in the unstable branch for now.
Gory details are here...
The idea behind this is to allow for other .XPL's to draw on Gizmos functionality if Gizmo is around. 
The secondary function is to "secure" chunks of script. 
A third party plugin can inspect the Gizmo.plugin and see if it appears to be trust-worthy before uploading payware script data.
This allows for a form of content protection, whether it uses a serial number, activation key or webcam facial recognition to "unlock" the protected content is another matter.

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