Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gizmo goes ...Open Source?

Yep. Gizmo is now an Open Source project. GPLv3.

DRM has been removed.
Encryption keys have been censored.

Stand by for more details.

If you're looking at the Ohloh metrics wondering how the heck it came up with that number, here's a bit of insight:

Ohloh has totalled the entire project. All contributed source code.

Some of this is things like GLee.h, a massive auto-generated header file.
Other things like Lua 5.1.4 sources are included in there as well.

It's not just my personal contribution on the Ohloh bars, it's the total value of all the Open Source / Re-Usable software that went into the making of Gizmo.

I plan on doing an Ohloh-scan of the core parts of Gizmo a bit later on...

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