Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gizmo 11.5.18

  • Tweaked OpenAL again after re-reading SDK guidelines.
    Please report any clashes, thanks!

  • New: gui.getCustomWidgetMouseXY()
    Returns canvas-relative mouse coords for drawing in Custom Widgets more easily.

  • Fixed: Event: OnMouseWheel( x,y, wheel,clicks )
    This event hook has been documented and tested in sim.
    Custom mouse-wheel functionality is now a few lines of code away.

  • New: gizmo.getActivated()
    Returns: boolean; true if a valid serial number is in use, false if not registered.

  • New:
    • acf.getPositionGL()
    • acf.getPosition()

  • Fixed: Resolved custom mouse cursor bug.

  • Fixed: bug with acf.getSessionTime()

  • Builds on Linux again!

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