Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gizmo64 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Gizmo64.plugin is working for me with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

I recently upgraded from Ubuntu 12.04 LTS to 14.04 LTS because people were seeing issues with Gizmo64.plugin compiled on 12.04.

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is a more sensible support target for re-introduction of the Linux plugin.

Unfortunately the upgrade broke my dev setup. The plugin would no longer link.
A third party library was unhappy and required both source code and Makefile tweaks before I could recompile it with the 14.04 toolchain.

Gizmo64.plugin now compiles and links on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS but I'm seeing a random seg-fault caused by what appears to be a misplaced memset() call.

More work to be done..

A memset() bug was found and fixed.
Linux behaves differently when we query the file system for the size of a file.

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