Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cattle thieves.

Date of writing: 29th April 2010.
I have used blogger to file it under 2009 for the sake of chronological reading convenience.

Two weeks ago we published the Mu-2.
The last few days have been consumed with chasing down pirates, sending cease and desist letters, the usual bullshit dance they (the torrenters) love to ignore.

Some success were made, mostly it's just pain and wasted time.

Seeing people rip off the Mu-2 after so much hard work going into making it is very dissapointing.

It reminds me of back in 2006. Getting ripped off, or seeing a good friend get ripped off, is so much fun.


I suggest a DRM solution, one that extends the code that I wrote for XNO2 way back when.
One that ties the new fangled custom aircraft plugins that we're creating too a customers machine, so they can't share it.

When you're watching two years of work go up in a pile of smoking torrents these kind of ideas start to sound pretty good.

Don't think that we underestimate the user apprehension about DRM systems though, it doesn't have a good name.

In general it's invasive, intrusive, restrictive and generally just annoys legitimate users who aren't interested in finding a cracked version.

The development of DRM is usually driven by purely corporate goals, user experience isn't really high priority on the trade off against I.P. that has taken literally millions of dollars to develop.

I'm trying to turn that on it's head. I want to find a nice balance between time investment, security provided and user imposition.

The end result is that we created a DRM system that, 17 months on, still has not been cracked.

New X-Aviation products continue to ship, secured by our DRM system, which continues to improve in capability and user-friendliness.

A quick look through Google for various keywords that suggest other competitive payware items for X-Plane yeilds leads on the very first page. :(

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