Friday, April 22, 2011

Gizmo 11.4 Changes

Changes since Gizmo 11.3.15 that script authors should be aware of:
  1. Fixed bug on Mac where Gizmo can end up loaded twice and crash X-Plane.
  2. Added additional functions to plugins.api
  3. Added matrix.api
  4. Fixed OnAircraftUnload event bug.
  5. Fixed bugs with memcache.api
  6. Added some more protection to check argument counts being passed in from Lua scripts.
  7. Added utils.getStringFromCPointer( pointer_address ) function.
  8. Added ability to reboot Gizmo's script engine using an Inter-Plugin-Message.
  9. Now using LuaJIT Virtual Machine on Intel CPUs.
  10. Fixes custom-command event system, foo_OnStart() should now fire properly.
  11. Fixes camera.setZoom()
  12. Fixes OpenGL tex-units usage. Defaults to portable values.
  13. Added acf.getSessionTime() function to script API.
I consider Gizmo 11.4 to be frozen and an update release should be available in the next couple of days at most.

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