Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gizmo 11.5.25

  • Fixes nagware dialog not respecting serial numbers.

  • Nagware dialog can now be dismissed again after a delay instead of forcing itself permanently onto the screen.

  • Now using "lowest common denominator" OpenAL example code so will hopefully work on Windows machines that have poor sound drivers.

  • Fixed xp.getDataref() so that it works with sim/weather/ datarefs that have "part number notation"... ( square brackets [ ] ) in the dataref names.

  • Additional physics.api functions are now active, review API docs for more info.
  • NEW: glu.api - GL Utilities.
  • Auto release camera control on reboot. May affect other plugins but better than leaving the camera locked by a dud script.
  • Nagware dialog now always-on-top and always-centered. Can be dismissed after short delay or registration.

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