Friday, May 6, 2011

Gizmo 11.5.6 Changes

  1. Modified OpenAL code, hopefully resolves plugin clash. Not tested, but the code change was "OpenAL context sharing" related.

  2. Added: utils.popWebBrowser( url )
    - Can be used to open the default web browser pointed at the specified URL.

  3. Fixed and tested gfx.setMaskingTape( x,y, w,h )

  4. New Event: OnFirstFrame
    A new event was added to allow for a consistent place for authors to perform init of their dataref defaults.
    This event is seperate from OnBoot and runs _AFTER_ the ACF has completed loading.

  5. Fixes acf.getKIAS() - now returns value in knots instead of meters/second.
    (Thanks Lukasz!)

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