Thursday, January 16, 2014



You can download a zip file containing Gizmo64.plugin version here:


Make a backup of your existing plugin: X-Plane/resources/plugins/Gizmo64.plugin
Download and unzip the new plugin.
Move the new Gizmo64.plugin item into the X-Plane/resources/plugins/ folder.

Will this work with my Payware?

Yes. It should work perfectly but please make a backup of your existing plugin to be sure.

General Updates

  • Fixes memory leak bug in the activation scripts.
  • Added a simple Preferences GUI that allows you to toggle the ToolTray.

Core Plugin Updates

  • Tweaks map generator code; minor optimisation, hopefully killed the frame tearing bug.
  • Fixes OnBeforeReboot() event.
  • Adds name-and-shame log output when you try and create a command name that starts with sim/
    (The SDK complains that this is illegal but returns a perfectly sane value that we use to override or supplement the sim/ command.)
  • Very large amount of weed trimming from the Log.txt output. Should be more concise now.
  • Fixes shader.setParam(...) so that it correctly accepts 3 parameters.
  • Internal code changes so we use the same code for all three platform builds, also more careful about memory initialisation.
  • Adds plugin.sendBlob and utils.getBlobFromCPointer functions to allow more powerful use for the X-Plane SDK Inter-Plugin-Comms functions.
  • Windows plugin was rebuilt with a fully patched copy of Visual Studio 12. Runtime DLL's in download package have been refreshed.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Gizmo64 is now much quieter in the X-Plane/Log.txt file.

The average startup entry looks like this:

Aircraft change events are much cleaner now:

Many log entries have been tweaked to only appear if there's an error.

Log data has been made more informative where possible.