Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gizmo 11.5.25

  • Fixes nagware dialog not respecting serial numbers.

  • Nagware dialog can now be dismissed again after a delay instead of forcing itself permanently onto the screen.

  • Now using "lowest common denominator" OpenAL example code so will hopefully work on Windows machines that have poor sound drivers.

  • Fixed xp.getDataref() so that it works with sim/weather/ datarefs that have "part number notation"... ( square brackets [ ] ) in the dataref names.

  • Additional physics.api functions are now active, review API docs for more info.
  • NEW: glu.api - GL Utilities.
  • Auto release camera control on reboot. May affect other plugins but better than leaving the camera locked by a dud script.
  • Nagware dialog now always-on-top and always-centered. Can be dismissed after short delay or registration.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gizmo 11.5.18

  • Tweaked OpenAL again after re-reading SDK guidelines.
    Please report any clashes, thanks!

  • New: gui.getCustomWidgetMouseXY()
    Returns canvas-relative mouse coords for drawing in Custom Widgets more easily.

  • Fixed: Event: OnMouseWheel( x,y, wheel,clicks )
    This event hook has been documented and tested in sim.
    Custom mouse-wheel functionality is now a few lines of code away.

  • New: gizmo.getActivated()
    Returns: boolean; true if a valid serial number is in use, false if not registered.

  • New:
    • acf.getPositionGL()
    • acf.getPosition()

  • Fixed: Resolved custom mouse cursor bug.

  • Fixed: bug with acf.getSessionTime()

  • Builds on Linux again!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Gizmo 11.5.6 Changes

  1. Modified OpenAL code, hopefully resolves plugin clash. Not tested, but the code change was "OpenAL context sharing" related.

  2. Added: utils.popWebBrowser( url )
    - Can be used to open the default web browser pointed at the specified URL.

  3. Fixed and tested gfx.setMaskingTape( x,y, w,h )

  4. New Event: OnFirstFrame
    A new event was added to allow for a consistent place for authors to perform init of their dataref defaults.
    This event is seperate from OnBoot and runs _AFTER_ the ACF has completed loading.

  5. Fixes acf.getKIAS() - now returns value in knots instead of meters/second.
    (Thanks Lukasz!)