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A reflection on the state of simming...

No, really; Simulated radar reflection: Here's a GPU shader powered radar back scatter image dynamically generated  from the normal map provided by the new API detailed in the posts below... The original normal map used to calculate back scatter. Another test image, this time with the radar located at 0.5, 0.0 This version is much simpler, displaying a wider backscatter area for easier debug. It also lacks color and height mapping. New mapping API: This is the major news for this release, it brings a whole new level of power to Gizmo64 with regards to mapping the DSF files for use with synthetic vision systems, TAWS, moving maps and more.. Here's some sample images;  Heat mapped to show height, normal mapped to show definition. Composite Normal map made by joining two adjacent sample tiles. Composite Height map made by joining two adjacent sample tiles. This set of images is a composite of two diff