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projectFLY Bridge Plugin Rewrite.

This post is for users of the projectFLY X-Plane bridge plugin. Recently we've been seeing a lot of bug reports involving the projectFLY bridge plugin. Users with this plugin installed have been reporting simulator crashes or Log.txt files with mentions of Gizmo throwing a lot of errors. Clearly we have a clash between Gizmo64 and projectFLY's bridge plugin. After downloading the projectFLY client app I installed their plugin and can replicate an X-Plane crash or glitch with 100% certainty when using our X-Aviation Saab 340A product. Further investigation showed that if you start the projectFLY client App after you start X-Plane the simulator usually loads without error. This gave me reasonable confidence that the problem was somewhere on the projectFLY side of things so I started to investigate what their plugin was doing. Using a HexEditor to open the win.xpl shows that they're using a Windows Named Pipe to pass data to their client App. The hex edi