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Gizmo64 Version 23+

Update: The plugins described in the post below turned out to be a dead end and were not adopted by X-Aviation. I have back-ported various bug fixes and performance improvements to an "LTS" plugin, you can find it here: Change Summary: As a global plugin Gizmo has been the subject of frustration for some users wanting their simulator to run as lean as possible.  To address this Gizmo has been split into two products.  X-Aviation.plugin - the new, lean, global plugin. You will need this for any X-Aviation licensed products that require DRM activation.   Gizmo64-Avionics.plugin - a new aircraft systems plugin that retains all the required API products to keep some of your favourite products working into the future.  You will need this for Gizmo-powered aircraft products. You can find a list at the bottom of this page. X-Aviation.plugin Summary: The main focus of this new plugin is to provide licence management for your collection of