Monday, October 31, 2011

Gizmo Change Log - 11.5.25 > 11.10.31

Below is a summary of the changes Gizmo has seen in the last few months.
There are additional items that have not been listed here because the finer details are still being worked out.
  • Add gui.setWidgetSize(l,t,w,h)
  • Add gui.getWidgetSize() and gui.getWindowSize()
  • "Adds code to change X-Planes widget behaviours. Attempts to make focus change from mouse clicks feel more evolved."
  • Add OnMouseWheel event support for custom widget regions.
  • Nagware dialog converted to smaller window with no minimum time on screen, endlessly re-shows at random intervals between 0 and 300 seconds.
  • Fixed dox for trig.distanceBetweenWorldPoints() - thanks Theo.
  • Fixed bug with timer.reset( timer_id ) - thanks Tom.
  • Fixed bug with URL-encoded chars being sent to system() calls.
  • Added a second low-priority flight-loop-callback to handle low priority tasks.
  • Adds code to avoid creating datarefs with duplicate names.
  • Adds gui.setFocus() and gui.blur()
  • Mutes xp.newCommand() function from outputing various debug info to the Log.txt
  • Cleaned up gui.apu handler code, better cleaner focus handling.
  • Created "About Gizmo" menu item which calls into Script to display a nice Gizmo-driven GUI for credit call-outs.
  • Created "Developer" menu and buried some dev-tool items inside it.
  • Started adding performance counters so that performance profiling can be done on scripts. (alpha)
  • Adds new dref.api which includes near-full access to the Array-Datarefs SDK functions.
  • Modified the way we use std::vectors, should reduce RAM usage/thrash.
  • Adds gizmo.getBuildDate()
  • Adds code to help pinpoint GUI code erros with custom widgets; draws the name of the broken callback function that Gizmo can't find or can't run.
  • Adds new OnLiveryChanged() event and support functions: acf.getLiveryPath() and acf.getLiveryName() 
  • Adds additional code to various scripting API's to prevent C2D events due to syntax errors.
  • Adds nav.not_found type. Adds full wild-card support to nav.findNavAid()
  • Adds support for guiWindow_OnUpdate() event calls. Allows for clean place to update text box values, etc.
  • Adds code to allow gui.setWidgetValue() and gui.getWidgetValue() to work with radio-buttons and check-boxes.
  • Fixes bug with creating gui.checkboxes and gui.radiobuttons, can now specify the default "checked" value when creating the element.
  • MAJOR rework of the fmc.api. Please review your code.
  • Adds timer-delay to the GUI Haiku Error box, should allow meaningful data capture in cases where we have a clash like that with the "Dream Engine" sound plugin where the box is re-shown very rapidly.