Friday, December 20, 2013

GL Pipeline Cheat Sheet

Friday, October 25, 2013

Gizmo64 - Community Edition

Gizmo 13.10 introduces "Community Edition"

Starting with version 13.10 we're introducing Gizmo Community Edition (CE) which aims to open Gizmo up to more Freeware projects by making it easier to work with and and more friendly to distribute.

Gizmo CE is easier to work with because Gizmo no longer requires any special keys, enrolments or activations to get started.
Simply create your scripts folder, create an scripts/init.lua file and go to work!

So what's the catch?

A simple three second watermark is displayed when your project opens.

To qualify for Community Edition licensing:

  • Your project must be made available free of charge.
  • You must include the original human readable source code. Obfuscated or minified source code is not permitted and goes against the spirit of the CE license.

I want to develop a commercial product using Gizmo. How does this affect me?

You may use Community Edition to develop a payware product.
When your project is ready you must purchase or negotiate a Gizmo license.

When Gizmo runs in payware mode your script files are encrypted and the Gizmo debug tools are disabled. This prevents unauthorised re-use or reverse engineering of your code.

What about DRM?

Gizmo allows for multiple possibilities.

Your product can be secured with everything from a machine-specific key to a simple serial number system. Or nothing more than encrypted scripts.
(Encrypted scripts offer similar protection to a compiled .exe file or .app bundle.

Gizmo secures your work in multiple ways.
  1. Secured Plugin Runtime
    • When running your payware package Gizmo will only load encrypted script data.
      (This prevents people writing scripts to attach to your product and attack your script IP.)
    • Only trusted extension modules are loaded before your product.
    • Built in development tools like the Shell and Inspection / Profiling tools detect that your product is running in "payware product" mode and will refuse to operate.
  2. Encrypted script content.
    Your script content is encrypted before distribution, end users and competitors cannot access your systems logic.
  3. Customer Registration and Activation.
    Using the API call: gizmo.getMachineID() you can access a unique anonymous serial number for the users machine.
    This gives you the option to build your own product-activation scripts or you can enter a licensing agreement with who have a turn-key well polished product activation solution that is suitable for protecting both script and traditional plugin.xpl content.


With this new simplified approach to licensing, script protection and user-activation Gizmo is easier to work with than ever been before.

This post hopes to offers some insight into the direction that Gizmo is headed.